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Re: [IP] basal question

Neal & Kara wrote:
> Where does the glucose that the basal rate is supposed to counter come from?
> Is it a background glucose put out by your body (liver) REGARDLESS  of food
> you eat, or rather does depend, even a little, on food you eat that doesn't
> quite convert into sugar quick enough to be covered by a bolus?

It's all a balancing act, with our lack (or poor use) of insulin the thing that
throws it off balance. Our bodies are finely tuned to maintain a tight bg range, 
partly by having the liver and muscle storage sites release glucose to maintain
the level required for the brain to keep going. 

It generally comes from what we eat, which is a large part of why we need to
eat the proper amouts of carb, protein and fat to maintain the bg as well as
possible, not getting the glycogen released any more than necessary, since 
both insulin and pills don' work in synce with the body anyway.

Ted Quick
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