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[IP] First Weekend on the Pump

 Kelly (almost 6)  definitely has a new found freedom with the pump.
She went off to a birthday party / tea party on Saturday.  I was a
nervous wreck letting her go, as she's only been pumping 4 days, but we
took the plunge.  She had my cell phone with her and I  made
arrangements with the Mom of the birthday girl, that Kelly was to choose
whatever food she wanted, and was then to call me so I could tell her
how much to bolus.  I knew she'd have trouble accurately describing the
portions, so the Mom was going to do the describing.  Well, the lady
running the tea party at this party place took the phone away from
Kelly, and tells me, "I'm an RN, and a diabetic."  So I breathed a sigh
of relief.....until she continued......"I took the pb&j sandwich away
from Kelly as the jelly isn't sugar free, but she can have turkey (Kelly
hates turkey).  I told her not to have any fresh fruit, and I'll go get
her a sugar free jello. I'll scape the frosting off the cupcake....blah,
blah, blah"  So now Kelly is in tears, and I didn't want to get into
carbohydrate counting with this "diabetic RN", so I simply told her
Kelly was to choose her own food, and then I wanted an adult to describe
it to me.  Well, Kelly had her pb&j, and her cupcake, and other things
she wanted, and all was well.  She arrived home with a blood sugar of
85...lower than I had aimed....but Kelly then informed me that the "RN"
substituted the sugar free jello for the regular jello and wouldn't even
let her eat the 1 gummy bear hidden in the bottom.   URGHHH!!!  I know
she was trying to be helpful, but........
So, despite this woman, we're looking at the party as a great success,
as Kelly wouldn't have been able to go without me if she was still on
MDI.  All in all the pump experience is going well so far.  We've been
testing basals, and Kelly has been so good about it.  I didn't think
she'd be thrilled with skipping/delaying meals and snacks, when for the
past 2-years she has never missed a single one, but she's been
wonderful. I hope things continue to go as well!


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