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[IP] Can I Try That Vacation Again?(Erica's Excellent? Adventure)

Hi Folks,

We are between trips and are enjoying a few laid back days at home. We
need them!
Unless you are really bored, looking for a tale of woe, or just willing
to hear about our misadventures...you might want to skip this <vbg>

First and foremost YES we still love that pump that Erica has HUGGING
her, as it was a Godsend during the first travelling part of our
vacation...but it did want to let us know we were still learning.

As you might remember....we had a great endo appointment the morning we
began travelling.  The letter has since arrived at home and states in
part "This (the minimed 507C) has been beneficial to both her diabetes
control as well as her emotional wellbeing.  I would strongly recommend
that the pump be continued and that the insurance company cover the
expenses that are incurred"  We will be forwarding it to the insurers
very soon!  The doctor reminded me that she still is not a pump
'advocate', but in cases where it has been proven to work she is very
supportive.  The people around here need more information before they
start pumping and a great support group like the IP, that is the
difference between success and failure

1.  Left town after specialist's appointment and thoroughly enjoyed
stopping whenever and wherever we WANTED to, not where time dictated we
had to.  Arrived at relatives early evening (they live in a small town)
and stayed up LATE! Rolled into bed.   Off to a great start.
2.  5:30 am Erica arrives in bedroom crying.  Sore ear.  Gave her
tylenol, got two more hours sleep but she woke up in tears again..  This
is not fair...poor little thing.
3.  7:30 am called local teeny hospital and asked if a doctor was on
call yet.  They held one for us until we got there (she was just about
to leave I guess and next one wouldn't be in for 3-4 hrs) and we were so
thankful for them.  I guess knowing we were from out of town PLUS having
a diabetic child with a problem might help in situations like this.
4.  Met lovely young female doc who oohed and aahed over the pump.  She
thought it was wonderful....think we could convince her to become an
endo?  Anyway, ear infection, and we drove directly to pharmacy.  Off to
the family cottage 1 1/2 hrs away.
5.  WILD RIDE WITH THE SUGARS!!  Boy, I didn't realize how much they
could mess up the numbers.  Erica hasn't had an infection for YEARS!!
At first I kept thinking I must be messing up the sites as the first one
I took out after the infection started was CRIMPED!  That is a rareity,
but we figured we might as well use the black cloud to the fullest
extent :)   Then for the first time ever hubbie put in a site that
wasn't deep enough and didn't work well at all, we were lucky she got
any insulin at all.  Another first....yippee<g>    So....more site
changes and then we were changing sites that appeared great.  After
finally increasing her basal rates to  almost double at times, we got
sugars under control (somewhat) and stopped poking the poor child
unnecessarily.  Back to 3 day site changes P H E W !   Just another one
of those EXPERIENCE things that noone can really teach you.
6.  One evening while we were at the family cottage in Cape Breton, Nova
Scotia,we watched a storm approaching far in the distance over the
mountains and across the lakes.  We had the freakeist storm hit us with
a vengeance.  I am not pulling a fish story here when I say the
hailstones were clear ice and were as big as marbles...easily.  We
thought every window in the cottage and vehicles would be broken...IT
WAS TERRIFYING!    Such a hot hot day, then the hail and torrential
rain.  The girls were crying, my husband was videotaping it through the
lightening and it was the talk of the news for a few days.
7.  Heat wave hits and we are all basting, thank God for the lakes.
They are saltwater lakes and are absolutely gorgeous and clean. Erica
and Kristen are having a great time. BUT....
8.  Ear infection is still causing the odd ache and I take her into the
poor GP who gave us the diabetes diagnosis when we were on vacation in
the same area 7 years ago.  He remembers us :-)    Ear infection is
still red, not an angry red, but red nevertheless and he prescribes an
ear drop antibiotic to help win the battle.  Sugars are still all over
the board.
9.  Things are finally settling down a bit, the day before we have to
come back home.  Then BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!   Erica comes running 'No
Delivery Alarm'.   Oh joy!!  Another first!!   After changing the site
and seeing that it looks great, I realize that I probably should have
checked that the line itself wasn't crimped under her tight bathing
suit.  She hadn't taken her pump off yet as we weren't going to the
beach for a little while.  I think that was another unnecessary change
but we will know better the next time.
10.  On the way home.....everything working great, sugars are settling
nicely back into a better range although we are still running a higher
temp basal and she see her own GP tomorrow.  We are now home, the heat
is unbearable, in the 90's with high humidity and we are going for a
drive now to cool down.

So.....can I please try that part of our vacation again??

On a lighter note....we are heading out again on Thursday to meet up
with a mom and her pumping son.  They were so helpful in relieving some
of our anxiety on startup day.  We have met some wonderful friends.
This time we will be taking a ferry ride 2.5 hours and I think  I will
call Lloyds of London and take out sinking ferry insurance!!  I will
pack an inflatable boat LOL.

Well, time to let you off the hook.  Let's hope the next trip is very
BORING...I can handle boring....really.....I can....  :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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