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[IP] Re: IV insulin

<<is that really true that R would leave your system in twenty minutes
or so, if injected into the blood stream? Is there any technical data on
this. I just might have to try a little test.>>

Not a good idea to test that without medical assistance nearby. If your BG is 
in normal range, and IV bolus might sensitize you to have a fast drop! Your 
brain cells won't appreciate it. It is true that the half-life of IV insulin 
is very fast. It is actually noted in medical literature to be 7 to 8 
minutes. Insulin in the blood stream passes through the liver and is removed 
from your body in about 15 minutes. This is the main reason that if you are 
on an insulin drip, NO ONE should shut it off without resuming subcutaneous 
insulin prior to ending the drip. Otherwise, your BG would be soaring in 
about an hour or less.
Barbara B. 
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