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Re: [IP] Dawn phenomenon

>That's not dawn phenomenom. There is a name for it, but I can't
>remember what it is, for now let's call it XX...<snip>
>Back to the bg rise which is unrelated to carb content.
>The XX is related to the state your body is in when you wake up and
>transition to "operating" mode. Some folks find that if you sleep in,
>it does not happen. It seems directly related to eating in the sense
>that eating is the trigger (in addition to waking) but it is not
>proportional to what you eat. XX bg rise can be separated from the
>food bg rise by careful testing of bgs and knowing the carb content
>of the "test" meal. >

Michael, if you ever come up with the name let me know.
I recently reduced my insulin amounts drastically due to some clues
I was on too much insulin (still on MDI), and thought I was having
a D.P. effect which I never knew before since I was on too much
insulin and was always low all morning.  I had a sample breakfast of 35g
(22g Rice Krispies, and 13g Skim Milk) that I ate every morning
for a week.  I was trying to figure out my carb/insulin ratio for my meals.
I take N and H at breakfast, H at lunch and dinner, and N at
bedtime(but usually no snack then).

I found that I am almost a perfect 1u/12g at lunch and 1u/10g at dinner.  My
35g breakfast however was taking 8u which is about 1u/4.5g.  This seemed
high but I figured it was D.P.  So one morning I doubled my breakfast of
cereal and milk to 44g RK and 26g milk to be 70g.  I took 16u of H (double
the 8u I took for the 35g) and had a sever hypo several hours later and was
low all morning until lunch.  After several attempts at this double
I found that actually no matter when I wake up 6am or 9am, I need 5u flat,
whether or not I eat and then 1u/11g carb ratio.

So does that mean I have this XX?  It kind of sounds like it.  So if you
the name, let me know so I can categorize it.  :)

-- Sherry

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