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[IP] Chromium Supplements

I was thinking of using chromium but I just read in the University of
California, Berkeley Wellness Newsletter that a "new study tarnishes
Chromium."  They say that a study at the University of Alabama shows that
chromium picolinate can produce dangerous compunds that have been shown to
cause mutations in DNA.  There was another study in Dartmouth College that
showed it harmed hampster cells in test tubes.  While no stidies have shown
this on humans it is indicative of possible damage.  Chromium can reduce
blood glucose in people with Type II but but not enough to be really
significant, and there is no evidence that it helps Type 1's. The bottom
line is that it is unproved and the risks (to my mind) outweigh the
benefits.  I KNOW insulin will reduce my blood sugars so why mess with
something untested which might damage my DNA to get a lesser reduction. The
one supplement that has never shown any side effects and does seem to help
is Vitamin E.  I have 400 IU a day and I have heard of people taking up to
800 IU.  If you stick to a low fat diet as I do there is a possiblity that
you will not get the optimium levels of vitamin E whereas it is very
difficult to be deficient in chromium unless you are on a very restricted

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