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[IP] Kids say/do the DARNDEST things!! :-)

Hi Everybody!
		Well first let me start off to Ellen, by telling her that the 
story about Zachary and his "ex-meter" was definitely a good one!  I had just 
signed on to send a Kid's are TOO FUNNY story about Steven when I read 
this.....I can TOTALLY relate! :-)

		Now, some of you I suppose are familiar with eBay, the 
Auction site??  Well, I was looking in the Miscellaneous:Household:Health 
section (as I usually do) when I came across an item description which read 
DIABETES.....nothing else, just DIABETES......interested in what exactly was 
being auctioned, I clicked on to view the page & item description.  As I 
scrolled down towards the description, I passed by the user ID which was 
t-bone(with 2 numbers after it, which I won't post) ANYWAY, T-BONE has been 
Stevie's nickname since he was a baby....not even a year old.  (A 
mispronunciation of his name by one of his brothers who was only 2 himself, 
combined with his rather "meaty" build :-)  Gave him that name which has 
stayed with him for the past 9 years!)  Well, I chuckled at the screen name 
and called Stevie in to show him. I scrolled back up to the top of the screen 
to surprise him and so he could see the DIABETES part, he came in and I said, 
"Hey! You didn't tell me you were selling stuff on eBay!.....LOOK!"  Then I 
scrolled down to the name.....Well Steven didn't miss a beat, he just looked 
over at me and said, "Oh, yeah!  That's right! I'm selling my disease, I 
don't want it anymore!" and we just laughed!!! It was one of those funny but 
sad moments if you know what I mean, but definitely one I wanted to share 
with those of you who have BTDT (been there, done that).  

      Take care and HEY! If we do figure out a way to sell his DIABETES on 
eBay, we'll let you all know.....hey, with this bunch they'll probably have 
to start a WHOLE NEW category....Miscellaneous:Health:Diseases:Diabetes!!  :-)

Take care!
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