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Re: [IP] Dawn phenomenon

> Linda wrote:
> First I would like to thank all the members who replyed to my last question,
> but I think I need to clarify it a little better.
> I have a question about dawn phenomenon.What exactly is it, and how do you
> overcome it?

Dawn Phenomenon is the result of the body's normal response to waking up. It
happens to most people, but non-diabetics only get the intended burst of energy
to start the day right. Since diabetics can't automatically counter it with 
insulin to get that result we go high.

A higher basal rate in the morning is the first thing to try. Myself, I have my
highest rateset for 4:0 to 7:00 AM to avoid it, but her pattern is a bit
different, so she should likely raise it just before risin, or slightly after.
She can experiment with temporary basal rates till a good pattern can be found.

Ted Quick
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