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Re: [IP] Re: First reaction

OK, this isn't about my first reaction, as such, but the first 1 when
living with my then new wife away from my folks for the first time.

We went to a progresssive supper, and I was a bit TOO careful to not overeat,
plus had a dinner that lasted about 3 hours. This was WAY before I got 
a glucose meter. Anyway, about 2:30 AM I went into convulsions and woke
her up. Scared her totally, she had seen me having hypos before, but never
anything like this

So, she called for an ambulance, gave me some OJ while waiting, they got 
me in it on a stretcher wearing ONLY a sheet, and her only slightly 
better dressed, and took us to the hospital 6 blocks away. I woke up
as it was pulling into the ER entrance.

Then after we got tings straightened out with the hospital we realized
nobody had brought our keys..... So she called our downstairs neighbor 
to come and pick us up while the apartment supervisor was gotten out of 
bed to let us in.

So, here we were on a fairly cold winter night waiting for our friend to show
me with a sheet wrapped around me wearing paper hospital slippers......

Such a night!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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