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[IP] Dawn phenomenon

First I would like to thank all the members who replyed to my last question, but I think I need to clarify it a little better. 
I have a question about dawn phenomenon.What exactly is it, and how do you overcome it? I believe my daughter may have it. In the morning if she doesn't eat, her basal rate is just fine, but if she eats, she goes way up to 300 an hour and a half later. If I give her a large enough bolus so she gets a semi- resonalble number..say a 173 an hour and a half after eating, she will drop to a 57 by lunch. Does this sound like dawn ph.? I have tried waiting for 10 mins. after bolusing to have her eat, but feel nervious having her wait any longer. Besides, it doesn't sem to make a difference. Her morning BGs are usually around 100. Thanks in advance for your input. Linda M.