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Re: [IP] How much fat is too much?

> Well you might be right here, but I don't think it would be that easy to
> predict those effects on the cardiovascular system.  It is very
> and your genes are proabably the biggest factor. Too bad we can't just take
> our old genes and throw them in the wash :-)

You have another option: choose a wife and have kids! (Which I believe
you've done already. Perhaps theirs will be better :-)

> Actually the opposite is true.  In control system analysis, adding delays or
> integrals will lead to instabilities.   Faster (even adding
> the high tech) is better for stability.

Che? I think we're throwing technical terms around out of context here... so I
won't go for the jugular. But a bit of damping in the right place is
essential in
feedback mechanisms.

> For us pumpers, though, too fast absorption could cause problems mainly
> because we often don't have a clue as to what our GI system is doing with
> what we eat. However, I'd be happier with an insulin that worked about
> twice as fast as humalog.  Any faster and I'd be worried.

Wayne, have you tried giving yourself your insulin intravenously? In the arm
like a heroin user. Regular works as fast as Humalog in that context, and is
gone from the system within 20 minutes. Just what you want... I'm not really
sure why this method isn't used at home more often. Bring down a
mega-high in 20 minutes. No crash.

Novo-Nordisk have a new lispro insulin called Rapid that is in the last stages
of clinical trials in Europe. Within 6 months it should be licenced for sale
here. I've no idea how far advanced the trials are in the US. For people who
have problems with Humalog, Rapid will be an option worth trying. It's
possible it won't cause the same loss of absorbtion that Humalog causes many

> Yes, there are tremendous things going on in many research areas that bear
> on diabetes.  I too think that the best solution will be found with
> beta cells.  With the intense research going on in immunology, it think it is
> very likely that the rejection problem with foreign beta cells will be
>solved in
> the near future.  I think you can almost already get 3 month injections, but
> I'm looking toward 3 year (or longer) boosters.

They harvest them from dead bodies don't they? Expensive and great risk of
catching diseases from the donor I believe. The race is on to grow the
things in laboratories. Then it can hit the mass market.

> Maybe in even less than 10
> years.   A word of warning to all you Minimed stock holders--don't hold that
> stock too long *S* -wayne

Disetronic pumps are already being marketed hard as general drug delivery
devices, in anticipation of a collapse of the insulin-delivery market...


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