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[IP] Meeting Sara

Hey y'all

I got to have lunch with Sara URTAsef on Friday, and what a delightful person 
she is! Despite meeting at a crowded restaurant, and never having met in 
person, we knew each other immediately and chatted away as if we were old 
friends. Ya gotta watch her when you're splitting a chocolate diablo, though 
-- her spoon tends to try and encroach on your half. LOL She's very 
knowledgeable about DM and I think I passed muster with her, as I was 
actually wearing a medical i.d. and had known how to bring down a consistent 
high the day before by shooting first and doing a changeout. :-)

That aside, I'd like to announce that I did my first post-pump biking 
fundraiser Saturday and Elvis (my pump) did his job very well, keeping me 
right around 100. The (ADA) fundraiser is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway 
(where they run the Indy 500) and is a fun ride. You can ride around the 
track as many times as you'd like. Due to foot surgery, I hadn't been on a 
bicycle since May, so I just did 5 laps (12.5 miles). Before Elvis, I was 
eating and "juicing it up" like mad. There's nothing like getting pumped up 
while you're pumping pedals. :-)


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