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Re: [IP] Pump Date Moved Up

Hi Donna -

I would say, get the earliest start time you can - because it takes a whiile
after that to adjust!!!
I would say at least 30 days, if not more.  I got mine jauary 17th this
year, but am still adjusting and still learning!  This morning when I got up
late (which I could NOT have done in my pre-pump days), I lived to
wake up!!!!!!!!!!  No insulin reactions - no anything - I was just sleeping
(I did check my bloos dusgar last night
tho').  I think you will like it - get it EARLY!  Can't hurt anything!  And
use this web site becuase a lot of pumpers are on this , and everyone
respoonds to questions - as you'll see from this one!

Good Luck!     Jane
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From: D & D Clarke <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 4:13 PM
Subject: [IP] Pump Date Moved Up

>Hi all!
>My crazy nurse educator called me the other day to let me know she moved up
>my start date to Aug. 2nd.  Apparently the Disetronic trainer couldn't be
>there on the 23rd and she really doesn't feel comfortable training me by
>herself.  I was a little ticked off at first because I had arranged for my
>Mom to watch my son on the 23rd.  She can't watch him on the 2nd so my
>husband will take the day off.  I go back in to set the basal rates on the
>4th, but that is only a two hour appointment.   I'm starting to get
>What has my life come to when I say I'm excited about an insulin pump?!  I
>have to get out more.
>I just hope my pump gets here by then!  After hearing some of the Cigna
>horror stories I have my doubts.  No use worrying.  Wish me luck!
>One more question,  is it realistic to think I will feel better, more
>energetic after I start the pump?  Right now I'm dragging myself around
>of the time because of high morning blood sugars and lows at night.  With a
>two year old I need all the energy I can get!
>Donna Triolo-Clarke
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