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Re: [IP] feeling lows

Hi there -
People who have chronic lows frequently can't tell when they're low.  I just participted in a study between U of MD and U of VA to try to determiine what to do about this.  Your daughter must have frequent lows not to feel them.  I remember my doctor happened to call meone aftrernoon, and I had just tested (basically that minute I had gottent eh results) and I tested and got the answer of 33!  He was not preturbed!  Your daughter needs to have normal blood sugars for a while in  order to return to "normalcy" where she will fell them again.  Aat least, that was the case with me!  Good luck - as that's dangerous!
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Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 3:11 PM
Subject: [IP] feeling lows

We have a 12-yr. old daughter that was diagnosed about 3 years ago. She has been on the pump for about 1-½ months. Starting about a year and a half ago she has only been able to feel lows below 45. Yesterday she was 33 when she first felt low. Before she was on the pump I could tell when she was in the mid 60's range or lower. With the pump I can’t tell when she is low. Does anyone have any advice on this subject?