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[IP] More usable hours with the pump

In a message dated 7/17/99 3:12:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<is it realistic to think I will feel better, more
energetic after I start the pump? >>

It certainly happened to me.  After 9 months on the pump I feel better than I 
have in many years.  I guess the biggest change is the mornings -- I now 
routinely start functioning right away when I wake up, preferring now to 
exercise then at a time that was always a problem pre-pump.  I went through 
the winter with no illnesses, not even the sinus problems that had plagued me 
for years.  My eyesight has actually improved.  But it requires some pretty 
intense paying attention, and when my attention slips for more than a few 
hours I feel like I am reverting to the lack of energy very quickly (it's 
generally a pretty good incentive).

My primary care doctor had given me some trouble about asking for a 
prescription for 10 test strips a day, speaking about the time it took and 
hinting at obsessive-compulsion.   I explained to her that with this regimen 
I actually have more usable hours in the day.  She was properly impressed.

I hope your experience will be as good.

Linda Zottoli
dx 1955 at age 8

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