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Re: [IP] length of tubing Humalog

> >I have the same problem.  Even with H it takes me two hours to come down from
> >a high, whether with injection or pump.  I asked my doctor who works at a
> >research hospital and is a diabetic and he said that they have noticed with
> >people who used regular for a long time that they - we don't seem to react as
> >quickly.  I could ask him if there are any articles / papers that talk about
> >this if you would like.  Let me know.  I hope this helps some.

2 hours is pretty good. According to the package insert, you should 
absorb about 70% or so of the Humalog in that time period. You will 
usually be a little insulin resistant due to the high bg so consider 
yourself in good shape if that's all it takes. To come down faster, 
try an accelerated meal bolus along with the high bg bolus. If you 
need a couple of units for a high bg of 200 and say 6 units for meal, 
it should bring you down in 30 - 45 minutes. Don't forget to eat:-)

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