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[IP] Pump Date Moved Up

Hi all!

My crazy nurse educator called me the other day to let me know she moved up
my start date to Aug. 2nd.  Apparently the Disetronic trainer couldn't be
there on the 23rd and she really doesn't feel comfortable training me by
herself.  I was a little ticked off at first because I had arranged for my
Mom to watch my son on the 23rd.  She can't watch him on the 2nd so my
husband will take the day off.  I go back in to set the basal rates on the
4th, but that is only a two hour appointment.   I'm starting to get excited!
What has my life come to when I say I'm excited about an insulin pump?!  I
have to get out more.

I just hope my pump gets here by then!  After hearing some of the Cigna
horror stories I have my doubts.  No use worrying.  Wish me luck!

One more question,  is it realistic to think I will feel better, more
energetic after I start the pump?  Right now I'm dragging myself around most
of the time because of high morning blood sugars and lows at night.  With a
two year old I need all the energy I can get!

Donna Triolo-Clarke

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