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Re: [IP] feeling lows

> We have a 12-yr. old daughter that was diagnosed about 3 years ago.
> She has been on the pump for about 1-.5 months. Starting about a year
> and a half ago she has only been able to feel lows below 45.
> Yesterday she was 33 when she first felt low. Before she was on the
> pump I could tell when she was in the mid 60's range or lower. With
> the pump I can't tell when she is low. Does anyone have any advice
> on this subject?

Apparently she has had so many lows that she is now "unaware". The 
advice we got from our endo when Lily had that problem was to raise 
all the bg targets to 120 - 150, particularly at night. It worked. In 
about 6 -8 weeks her awareness returned and she again lowered her 
targets. She's much more careful, however about not allowing herself 
to get low often so the same problem arises again.

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