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[IP] sof sets and tape problems

Ok, I know with the weather in the 90's and all the humidity, that there will be some tape sticking problems, but wow did I pull a good one!  I finally got my pharmacy to trade me the bent needles for some sof-serts, so I get ready to insert one, and I did.  All was ok, no pain or blood or anything gory, and then i noticed I had forgotten to take of the little sticky tape underneath the plastic sheath.  Well, I sure wasn't going to pull it out and start over, so I double taped it, once with IV3000, and once with my usual bioclusive.  Now its coming off, and I put another tape over top of the part that was bubbling up.  Will this cause any problems as long as it stays down?  It shouldn't make my skin bubble up with all the sweat due to 90 degree weather should it?  I really hate to change sets, I only got 12 of them for 24 bent needles due to price difference.  I will be changing infusion sets again on Monday probably.  Have at least 80 units left in cartridge, and that will last me 4 days, but don't like to leave sets in for more than 4 due to sensitivity.
Thanks for any and all advice.  :)
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