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Re: [IP] Scarring

Sherry, I've been pumping for over 14 yrs and yea scarring is going to
occur. I rotate all over the stomach area even the area above the hip on the
backside, right side only. For some reason I can't use the left rear side at
all. Anytime I apply a infusion site there it's like I just stabbed myself
with a knife and bleed like crazy. It might also help to lessen the length
of time you leave a set in. If you stand to have it in for 4 days, change it
at three. That helps to cause less trama to that area of the skin.
One other comment on the subject of scarring. If you ever have any abdominal
surgery you may find the absorption in that area to decrease some or alot
depending on the surgery. It's been almost 6 yrs since I had my internal
insulin removed from the lower left abdominal area and my insulin absortion
in that area reduced by at least half of what it is compared to other sites.
Bg's go up alittle and insulin requirements go half again as much(25 to 30/u
per day during a normal site compared to 35 or 40 when using the lower left
abdom).Yea got some scarring from the removal so I'm sure that doesn't help
Just some thoughts on the subject
Hope I helped alittle
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Date: Friday, July 16, 1999 11:30 AM
Subject: [IP] Scarring

>Hi Everyone,
>I play USTA tennis and after our team match last night we were
>all sitting around the club lounge snacking and talking.  I
>noticed a player on the other team pull out an insulin pump,
>take a bolus, and put the pump back.  I have to tell you I
>was in disbelief.  I have been talking to you on this list
>and learning so much, and actually become quite obsessed with
>finding information, and obtaining a pump for myself.  But it
>occured to me as she did this, that it was my first experience
>being face to face with a pumper.  I was very excited.  I talked
>to her about it and found out that she had been pumping 11 years,
>used a MM (Model I didn't get), and couldn't imagine living without
>it.  (The normal pump user response...not living without it that is).:)
>She did say that one of the negatives was that you could experience
>some scarring from the infusion sets. She showed me her stomach which
>had marks all over it.  For those pumpers who have been pumping for
>several years, do you have this same problem?  Or is it specific to
>certain skin types, or healing times?  And to make it clear, I
>am not asking because I am vain, it just wasn't something I had
>heard mentioned before.
>Thanks.  Sherry
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