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Re: [IP] length of tubing

At 04:44 AM 7/17/1999  April Smith wrote:
>Does anyone have an opinion about whether the shorter length of tubing
>is advisable for a pumper that needs faster delivery of insulin? I have
>gastroparesis and use the 42 inch tubing and it takes 5 hours for a
>bolus of humalog to take affect sometimes.  Would I get better results
>with shorter tubing?

It's not the length of tubing that has any bearing, but the speed of your 
insulin. I know that Humalog takes longer to work in some people (I'm a 
slow burner with H too). Once the pump pushes a bolus at one end, it comes 
out the other end instantly (assuming you primed your pump correctly). 
You'd have a similar situation if you injected the H, instead of pumping 
it. So, the length of tubing makes absolutely no difference at all. The 
only reason for different lengths is convenience and personal preference.

I don't know why some people react so much slower to H than other people. 
And, I don't know if there is anything that can be done to make it better. 
If anyone out there knows anything, please chime in.


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