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Re: [IP] length of tubing

April Smith wrote:
> Does anyone have an opinion about whether the shorter length of tubing
> is advisable for a pumper that needs faster delivery of insulin? I have
> gastroparesis and use the 42 inch tubing and it takes 5 hours for a
> bolus of humalog to take affect sometimes.  Would I get better results
> with shorter tubing?

No, the length of tubing is irrelevant. Since the pump pushes the insulin in 
1 end and it just moves through the tubing by pressure transfer, as with any
plumbing system, it doesn't matter in the least unless the tubing expanded from
pressure, and then the dfference would only be momentary. Believe me, the small
tubing with relatively thick walls can't be affected by the small pressure
in ANY insulin pump.

Ted Quick
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