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Re: [IP] Higher sugars 3 hours later

> last nigh and tonight my bs has went up 3 hours after I have eaten
> at 5:30 it was 90 ate supper. At 6:30 it was 116 at 8:30 it was 178 
> I'm using Humalog it usually works harder the second hour then it
> does the First one. Do I maybe need to change my carb/ratio or up my
> basel rate . I really don't know what I should do. Any help would be
> appreciated Tammy
You can't tell anything from one day or one meal. You should only 
make adjustments when there is a repeating pattern and you have 
excluded all other possible variables. Then, figure out if your 
estimates are OK for the carbs, your basals are right and your ratios 
are correct.
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