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Re: [IP] 300+ units a day?

I think this is a case for YMMV.  Some people may actually need that much there
are a lot of factors.  In my case I wasnt on the pump in any of my pregnancies.I
started out on about 45u daily with combined hum N andR.  In my last pregnacy,
which was a multiple pregnacy I ended up at 39 weeks on 90U a day. I didn't feel
that was really too bad.  The doctor said I might have been able to take a
little less, but why I was in good control and it worked..My A1C's  ran in the
low 5's. Sheila

Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Now that I have your attention with the title, I have something I really
> need to know about.  I am planning a pregnancy.  When I told my Endo, his
> first reaction was that the pump may not be able to handle the amount of
> insulin I may need.  He said I may need as much as 300 units a day.  At the
> time I thought it was scare tactics.  However, I have since heard people on
> this list mention similar amounts when they were pregnant.  I don't know
> why, but I can't stop thinking about it.
> Right now, I am on 23.5u basal, with totals usually around 45u/day, my ratio
> is 10:1.  If you have had to take so much insulin, how does your body handle
> it?  Does the site get fatigued daily (i.e. daily site changes)?  Do you
> Save the needle reservoir and re-fill the reservoir daily?  Do you just use
> a new one daily without changing the site?  Do you disconnect at the luer
> lock, or do you re-prime with new tubing up to the quick release?  I can't
> imagine managing that much insulin daily.
> Please let me know what your experiences are/were.  As always, thanks to
> everyone on this list for all the support and help!
> Ellen Compell (Age 30)
> Type I/II, Pumping since Dec. 1998
> MiniMed 507C
> email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted>
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