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Re: [IP] My Pump PAYMENT Arrived!!

> So, after several more weeeks they finally told e they had sent a
> check, for 64.25% of the bill......didn't I self refer it. NO, I had
> cleared it with them prior to purchase, can't you read the faxes I
> sent.
> All kinds of dodging around, no responsibility on anybody's part.
> Anyway they sent me the check for the rest of it which I finally
> received today.

A suggestion for the benefit of those who follow. Contact the office 
of the Medical Director for BC/BS of Ohio and tell them your story. 
Point out that it is an incredible waste of time, money, and energy 
on everyones part to have to deal with incompetent staff. Ask that 
they please look into the matter and see if it can not be fixed. 
Explain that you do not wish to have to continue to put up with 
delays and difficulty in getting need health care and your sure that 
none of their other "insured folks" would like these problems either.

It will help, please do it, it's only a phone call (maybe a few).

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