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Re: [IP] blood donation

That's SO odd - I live in Maryland, and they told me if I was controlling my
blood sugar by diet, I could donate.  But, if I'm on ANY type of injections
(syringe, or probably ppump too) that I could NOT donate!  I don't think
they're worried about the donor - I think they're worried about the
recipient getting blood that the donor's kidneys, for example, haven't
completely cleaned.  Diabetes is just too big a risk, and there are too many
diabetics who just don't give a "rat's ass" about their condition (excuse
me, but  - I work with some of them)!  For a person who already needs blood,
and already has some other medical condition, I think it's just not worth
the risk to that patient.  Just my humble opinion - we all know that
diabetes isn't fair.

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Date: Thursday, July 15, 1999 11:12 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] blood donation

>That's interesting.  When I told Blood Care I was on injections (at
>that time) and I "reused" my 'disposable syringe', they were all
>aghast and treated me like I had the Plague.  I was put on to their
>"rejection" list and they won't even return my phone calls.
> Is that why they wouldn't take my blood before?  (I used a glass
>syringe for weeks and then sterilized it in boiling water)   ;>)
>> Here in the Southern CA area where I live (LA County), I went to my local
>> Cross to donate blood.  They said it was fine.  As they were getting me
>> up they discovered that I use an insulin pump.  They wouldn't let me
>> because of the pump.  They told me if I was on injections that I could
and it
>> didn't have anything to do with my bg control on the pump vs. shots.
>> said the difference is that I have an infusion set in and that I could
have a
>> low grade infection and not know it and therefore contaminate the blood.
>> Needless to say, I was ticked off!
>Still willing, but Very Frustrated!
>George Lovelace
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