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Re: [IP] Just can't seem to figure it out.

> My 10 year old has been on the pump for three weeks. We have finally
> gotten her basal rates in pretty good shape. Our problem is this.
> After breakfast (with an AM BG of around 100) my daughter goes up in
> the 300s an hour and a half to two hours after eating. We have tried
> increasing her insulin/carb ratio but then she crashes. We have
> tried bolusing 10 min.before she eats...that doesn't work eather. If
> we correct the 300 with a modest bolus which would normally bring
> her down to about 200, she will get about a 100 in an hour and a
> half. We have tried different foods that were less carb heavy...no
> difference. She had the same kind of thing happen when she was on
> shots as well. Any ideas as to about what is going on??? Linda M.

Yep, BTDT (been there done that). Up until a couple of years ago, 
Lily did this regularly on morning when she had to get up early for 
school, but not weekends when she sleeps in. The bg rise was tied to 
rising and eating, but did not have any correspondence to the carb 
content of her breakfast. If she fasted, the rise did not occur. The 
rise was fairly constant even when breakfast carbo differed a bunch. 
The fix for here was a fixed 1.5 to 2 unit bolus when she got up in 
the morning in addition to whatever her breakfast bolus was. This 
worked pretty well for a couple of years, then the need for it 
mysteriously went away. 

You might test for a similar phenomena by testing bgs after a "carb" 
breakfast of cereal, toast and milk  and repeating the experiment 
with say and egg and tea or crystal lite. If you can pinpoint the 
size of the bg rise you can calculate a compensating bolus. Be 
conservative, Lily's bolus was a little lower than the math would 
have indicated. 

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