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[IP] exercise dropping you

Dear Richard,

Kevin is 11 and I know it is different, but...

He plays soccer alot and swims a lot. We take off the pump (or suspend if you 
want) for the entire time.(usually 1-2 hours)  He also drinks gatorade 15 
carbs for each hour with no bolus.  If he plays for 1 + hours then we reduce 
the basal rate afterwards for 4 hours. If he eats anything after playing he 
boluses for it normally.

If he were to bolus for a meal and exercise IMMEDIATELY he will go low! He 
has to wait at least 1/2 hour after a bolus for swimming or soccer!

Kevin tends to dump glucose when playing soccer. When we test right after 
soccer we KNOW he will be very high. (300-400) We ignore that now and are 
happy that it is not LOW. ( we made the mistake once of bolusing after 
playing and he was up all night drinking and eating.) After 2 hours his body 
regulates and comes back down. If we didnt reduce the basal, he would be low. 
50% works great for him.

Hope this helps.

Mom of Kevin 11, dx 12/98
Pumping since May 3rd
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