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Re: [IP] Re: ora gel

In a message dated 7/16/99 2:06:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Why don't you get a prescription for emla? >>

Well, for us, the reason is that emla is not covered under our prescription 
plan (as are MANY other things...don't get me started! It's a union 
plan...gggrrrrr!) We found that out when my other son was having a needle 
biopsy done on his leg.  We got the emla and had to pay for it....it isn't 
"inexpensive" and it was only a VERY tiny tube.  With our ridiculous $15 
copay for Dr. visits, one son in physical therapy 3X per week, three diabetic 
kids altogether and a $10 copay for prescriptions, financially,we have to 
stick with the old "ice in a baggie" routine...which actually is fine with 
us, because in the almost 3 months we've been pumping, he's never complained 
about a (silhouette) site insertion that way....THANK GOD!  I would feel 
awful if he was in a lot of pain, but thankfully it's been smooth sailing so 
far.  The ora-jel sounds like it could be a viable alternative for us, and 
perhaps others whatever their situation may be.

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