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RE: [IP] Joe B. Lewis

At 02:07 AM 7/16/1999  LEWIS,JOE wrote:
>what a great line. Made my day.
>From: email @ redacted on Fri, Jul 16, 1999 8:47 AM
>Subject: [IP] Joe B. Lewis
>To: IP
>Joe wrote:
>" When I first started wearing it everyone thought I was important because
>I had a pager. Now everyone has a pager so I tell them it is my garage door
>opener. "
>I enjoyed a good laugh at that comment this morning. Great line to
>Another one of my favorites was told to an individual who had his pump
>hanging down to his knees from his infusion set is "Hey, your pancreas is

Better get that incision sewed up pretty quick. Otherwise you might have 
other vital organs dangling out pretty soon.  :-)

(my pager has a very long antenna)

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