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[IP] Re: Rafting

I asked about the Rafting issues a few days ago, and I think I am going to go
with the advice to disconnect during my rafting the river wild....I am afraid
that I'll fall in and land on my precious 507C.  I don't raft often, so I don't
need to worry about constantly disconnecting.  It will be stressful enough
keeping my meter safe and sound.  It will be weird to go back to an archaic
"injection" after pumping!  Should I "prime" the pump after having it off for 6
or so hours?

I know this subject was mentioned before, and I am grateful for the =
advice given about how to protect the pump while rafting, but I have =
another question.  We were thinking about going rafting in a couple of =
weeks when we go to Canada.  I told my mom that someone here had =
suggested putting it in a baggie and duct taping it shut.  Our problem =
is what happens if I were to fall in?  Mom doesn't want to go if it will =
risk damaging my pump.  I know the minimed is water resistant, and the =
plastic cover should help, but I'm afraid if I fell in that would be the =
end of it.

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