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Re: [IP] Re: ora gel

In a message dated 7/15/99 10:38:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So, I thought I might try something
 like Solarcaine.  Anyone used that? >>

Why don't you get a prescription for emla?  My son uses it for his A1C 
venipuncture, so it was a natural that when he went on the pump he would want 
it for insertions.  If you have a prescription plan, it won't cost much.  I 
don't know how much a tube is if you don't.  You could ask your pharmacist.  
The paperwork says wait an hour after applying, but we've gone 15 to 30 
minutes and the site was numb.  Since it doesn't have to go deep, it takes 
less time.  

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