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Re: [IP] My Pump Arrived!!

> Congratulations on receiving your pump.  It is a misnomer though
> thinking you won't have to carry supplies around anymore.  You
> always should have at least 1 needle, humulog insulin, batteries,
> soft set, alcohol wipes and insulin reservoir with you no matter
> where you go. 
That's overkill.

You need only bg test supplies and a standard insulin syringe
1) The batteries will continue to run the pump for some time after 
and alarm. The are available in most drug and electronic stores, even 
for the Disetronic (see the HOWTO about D battery changes).
2) There is plenty of insulin in the pump, even after it runs dry. 
This insulin can easily be removed from the leur lock using a 
standard insulin syringe. There is about 15 - 20 units in the leur 
lock area and another 20 - 40 (depending on length) in the infusion 
line that runs from the pump to insertion site. In a pinch, you can 
even draw some air back into the pump syringe so the pump can push 
the insulin remaining in the line. No injection necessary. Lily's 
done this twice that I know of at school.
3) If you have a standard insulin syringe, there is no reason to tote 
around an extra set and all the supplies necessary to change. An 
injection will suffice until you get home.

None of this applies if you are traveling.
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