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Re: [IP] exercise and low bg

> My MD suggested suspending the pump when I
> exercise but my basal rate is only .2 units of Humalog per hour ( I
> don't see how this is enough to make the blood sugars drop). I  also
>  have a concern that the cannula may obstruct if I suspend for long
> periods of time.

Your cannula won't obstruct. When Lily first started pumping, her 
afternoon basal was 0.0 for 5 hours each day. Never had a problem.

If you elect to suspend (or set a temp rate of 0.0) remember that 
there is a delay of approximately 2 hours until the peak/drop in the 
action of the infused insulin. You have to do it before you exercise. 
Sounds to me like you have a pretty good solution now.
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