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Re: [IP] Scarring

> For those pumpers who have been
> pumping for several years, do you have this same problem?  Or is it
> specific to certain skin types, or healing times?  And to make it
> clear, I am not asking because I am vain, it just wasn't something I
> had heard mentioned before.
Speaking for my daughter, I noticed she began to have some "marks" 
and some insulin hypertrophy after using her tummy for a couple of 
years. She started using Sils/Tenders/Comforts on her upper buttocks 
and now rotates the sites front to back, allowing each site area 
twice as much time to heal. The hypertrophy dissappeared over a 
period of several months and the marks left by the infusion sites are 
almost not noticible any longer. The extra healing time is apparently 
very important. 

Just my 0.02 cents worth.
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