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[IP] Blood Donations and other things

Diane, I didn't say it made any sense, I was just reporting what they said.
 I think they are afraid that withdrawing blood might cause a low blood
sugar or something equally illogical.  Or maybe they are afraid you will
pig out on the free cookies they give you afterwards (which I used to do
before I was diabetic) and become hyperglycemic.  Anyway I think they are
just paranoid about being sued, at least here in Canada and so they are
refusing anyone who in any way might be a problem.  As they don't know
enough about diabetics they are excluding us 'just in case."  In Canada you
are not paid to donate blood so it is not of personal concern to me, but I
do think they lost a valuable donor as I had donated 49 times prior to
developing diabetes.  
On another issue, I have been pumping for 6 weeks now.  I had a perfect
time for the first month but recently have had some problems.  I wrote last
time that I switched to the silhouettes after I dislodged from two soft
sets within twenty four hours.  The trouble was I only had one silhouette
(a sample one) so I went back to the soft sets to use up about a months
supply.  Three days ago, while on the last day of my silhouette I
experienced a couple of blood sugars in the 15 (280) range with I
atttributed to a combination of some stress and the fact I was premenstral.
 I bolused and the sugars came down ok.  The next day I woke to 10.4
(approx 190) but I was due to change my set so I put in a new softset.
When I took out the introducer needle after insertion I bent it  but the
site seemed ok so I left it in.  By 10 am I was 18.3 (335) and at 11 am I
was still 12.8 (230)so I took two units of Humalog and by 12:30 am I was
9.7 (175) so I figured it was comming down.  The rest of the day I was a
bit high but after an hour on my stepping machine I was at 3.3 (60) so I
felt that I was surely getting insulin through the pump.  At 1 am however I
was back up to 14.4 (262) and despite taking 2 units of humalog at that 1
am I was 18.9  (308)at 5 am the next morning and exactly the same at 6 am
at which time I gave myself 6 units of humalog via the pump plus 4 units
via syringe before eating my breakfast of 43 carbs.  By 7 am I was down to
8.4 (156) but I didn't know if that was due to the syringe or to the pump
so I took 2 more units via the pump and tested an hour later and I was down
to 5.1 (90) so I felt that the pump must be working, bolused for my usual
lunch via the pump only to find I was 15.4(280) a few hours later.  I
desperation I took 2 units via syringe and biked for an hour and went down
to 3.1 (54) at which time my husband ( God Bless His Soul) arrived with
some silhouettes he had rushed to buy me and I replaced the softset with
one of those.  I primed the pump with .5 units and insulin immediately came
out of the old softset, and there was absolutely no sign of leakage and I
never got a "no delivery" alarm.  I ran the pump self test and everything
seemed ok.  I am very confused as the pump and the site seemed to be
working and I did seem to respond to the pump some of the time but not in a
consistent manner.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The nurse thinks
that my basal rate needed to be increased due to the fact I was premenstral
and that this set me up for insulin resisitance?  I have had to raise and
lower my basal rate a couple of times in the 6 weeks I have been on the
pump.  I was using a straight .5 units per hour. I was using .6 until about
two weeks ago when it suddenly was too much and I was going low all the
time.  I have switched back to .6 and things are going ok since then.  
Questions: (1) Could some of my problems have been due to the bent softset
needle? If so why did it work some times.  I would think it would either
work or not work.  (2) Could a difference of .1 units per hour have caused
me to go as high as 18.9 (344), if it was a basal rate problem? (3) Can the
premenstral status have required this difference in basal rates?  Any other
suggestions as to why my charts for the last three days resemble the Rocky
Mountains?  Thanks for any advice you can give me.    

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