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Re: [IP] 15grm snack

>I am looking for a 15 gram carb snack which I can carry around in my purse.
>I am currently using smartie rolls (candy).  Each roll contains 5 carbs.
>small containers 4oz apple juice work well for lows but do not stand up
>in a purse.  I need something small and durable.  Glucose tablets annoy my
>TMJ problem.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you prefer the juice, they make small plastic juice box holders to
prevent kids from squeezing and squirting juice all over tarnation...look
for them in the toddler gadget section of stores like Wal-Mart. Otherwise,
Sweettarts and Spree candies work well for lows and can be easily figured
for carb amounts.

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