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[IP] exercise and low bg

My problem is that my blood glucose drops pretty rapidly when I exercise; for 
example, after walking 30 minutes it may drop 70 points on the glucometer. I 
may   walk, garden, swim, bicycle on and off at irregular times during the 
day. I saw my diabetes MD yesterday and my HgA1c was 5.3- he concluded 
rightly that I have too many low blood sugars. 
My way of dealing with this has been to eat 15 to 30 grams of CHO every 30-60 
minutes when I am exercising, but this hasn't been enought. My MD suggested 
suspending the pump when I exercise but my basal rate is only .2 units of 
Humalog per hour ( I don't see how this is enough to make the blood sugars 
drop). I  also  have a concern that the cannula may obstruct if I suspend for 
long periods of time. I can see only a few possible ways to deal with this 
1. reduce the meal time boluses before exercise.
2. check blood sugars frequently and eat carbs as required
3. Suspend  the pump during exercise.

I would appreciate any suggestions for dealing with this problem.
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