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Re: [IP] First Step (long, can't help it)

Holly and Ed,

>From what I have heard, it is usually better to have the
doctor send the prescription and letter of necessity
directly to the insurance company.  Make sure you state
somewhere which pump you want.  If you send the letter to
the pump company, they are notorious for delaying things.

Good luck and congratulations to Taylor.


--- Holly Nelson <email @ redacted> wrote:
> We wouldd like you to send a letter of medical necessity
> and a prescription
> to the Disetronic Pump Company.  We are aware of the fact
> we must then wait
> until insurance approval comes through.  We are also
> aware of the lengthy
> process this can be.  We would like to be given a chance
> to go through this
> process, and are prepared to do what ever is necessary to
> go through it.  We
> trust you implicitly and would be eager to discuss this
> further with you.
> After reading this letter and the e-mail attachment I am
> enclosing please
> contact us at 1-701-XXX-XXXX.  We truly feel that it is a
> possibility and
> that we should emplore further as a team.
>  Sincerely,
> Holly & Ed Nelson

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