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Re: [IP] Fundraising out LOUD, lets fight

Then try again.  I had sent a dozen or so letters before one was 
published.  If we just keep pounding on the door, BE LOUD, 
someone will eventually answer, and then another and then 
another.  Don't be afraid to let people know just what troubles this 
causes and the fears of what could happen.  Make someone aware 
any chance you have.  

I have heard the "promise" that "this is the decade for the Cure" 
since the early seventies.  Now we know it won't be this century, 
but we don't have to wait forever.  This cure can come soon.  Our 
time is NOW!         ACT OUT LOUD ! !

> I'm willing, but have already tried with the local paper when ADA was
> doing that -- no go.

George Lovelace  < email @ redacted >
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