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Re: [IP] 300+ units a day?

I am currently 8 months pregnant.  My insulin needs have definately increased
especially in the last trimester, but not to anything close to 300 units a day.
I've gone from about 22-40 units per day (pre-pregnancy) to 45-65 with basals
that are starting to get close to 20 units a day.  I had one episode in the ER
in the 4th month and the ER doctor wanted to give me 20 units to bring me down
from 190 (after they gave me too much glucagon) and he claimed that this was a
small dose -- usually they give diabetics 100 units or more.  I think those kind
of numbers are based on people with Type 2 and not type 1 and certainly (as my
husband pointed out) not someone my size with minor or no insulin resistence.
Much of the literature on pregnancy and diabetes is based on type 2, not type
1.  Perhaps your doctor is confusing the two?  It is not uncommon.

"Compell, Ellen A, CFCTR" wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Now that I have your attention with the title, I have something I really
> need to know about.  I am planning a pregnancy.  When I told my Endo, his
> first reaction was that the pump may not be able to handle the amount of
> insulin I may need.  He said I may need as much as 300 units a day.  At the
> time I thought it was scare tactics.  However, I have since heard people on
> this list mention similar amounts when they were pregnant.  I don't know
> why, but I can't stop thinking about it.
> Right now, I am on 23.5u basal, with totals usually around 45u/day, my ratio
> is 10:1.  If you have had to take so much insulin, how does your body handle
> it?  Does the site get fatigued daily (i.e. daily site changes)?  Do you
> Save the needle reservoir and re-fill the reservoir daily?  Do you just use
> a new one daily without changing the site?  Do you disconnect at the luer
> lock, or do you re-prime with new tubing up to the quick release?  I can't
> imagine managing that much insulin daily.
> Please let me know what your experiences are/were.  As always, thanks to
> everyone on this list for all the support and help!
> Ellen Compell (Age 30)
> Type I/II, Pumping since Dec. 1998
> MiniMed 507C
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