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Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

Jill -  Good luck to you!!!   Yes, I had a similar situation when I was a
You have to just be strong and go on - luckily, it's good training for later
life!!!!  Take care,  Jane
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From: Jillene Stanfield <email @ redacted>
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Date: Wednesday, July 14, 1999 11:27 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] What not to say or do to diabetic children....

>When I was seven years old I saw a coomercial on TV for diabetes, I asked
>Mom what it was. Her answer was "It's a disease where you have to drink a
>lot of orange juice and can't eat any sugar".
>A few weeks later my family made the bi-yearly trek to visit the
>grandparents, an eight hour drive at the most. We had to stop every 15
>minutes because I really, really had to go to the bathroom. It took us
>twelve hours to finally get there. My Mom was very upset with me because I
>must have drank a lot of water before we left, or else I just wanted to
>check out every restroom for 400 miles. As soon as we got home my Mom made
>doctor's appointment for me. I told her they were judt going to make me pee
>it a cup. Sure enough that was what they did. An hour later they called my
>Mom at home and told her to bring me right down I was diabetic. Of course
>Mom cried and screamed at me, she had no idea what diabetes really was, as
>you can tell from her description above.
>She would always say in front of my friends "Did you do your urine test?"
>At least know it's blood, but it used to really embarrass me.
>There are a million other things people use to say that really upset me,
>"Do you have to give yourself a shot every day?"
>No actually it's 4 or 5 thank you.
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