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Re: [IP] getting supplies- venting

> We got some supplies sent today, and of course it was wrong- again. 
> Every time we have ordered supplies we have had a problem.  I just
> don't understand it, are these people that stupid???  I talked to
> the lady on the phone yesterday, and asked for a 2 month supply of
> prep wipes, reservoirs, and infusion sets.  She explained to me that
> the insurance company will only let them send 1 month at a time
> now-new policy.  I said that we were going on vacation soon and I
> would run out while we are away, so she agreed to send 2 months this
> time only.  I also ordered IV3000 tape, but she said my insurance
> company won't cover that.  Well, my mom called Cigna today and they
> said it is a mistake and they do cover it, so she then called the
> supply place back and the lady said she would send me 10 right away
> because she can only send 1 month supply.  First of all, I use more
> than 10 in a month, and secondly, yesterday she said she would send
> 2 months.  Also they never sent the wipes.  Does anyone else have
> these kind of problems with their supply companies?  It is Cigna
> HMO, so I am sure we can not go through another company.  I can't
> imagine having to go through this every month now.  Not to mention
> getting insulin at the pharmacy every month, and testing supplies
> from a third place every 3 months.  As if I don't have enough to
> worry about??  Sorry guys, I just needed to vent.  Hopefully it will
> get better.
Sorry not to snip the post, but it is all pertinent.

I ran in to this problem when I first was ordering supplies for Lily, 
5 years ago. In frustration I finally called a person in the appeals 
department that I had dealt with previously and explained the 
problem. i.e. the supplier chosen did not have sufficient about 
insulin pumps and the required supplies, they were constantly 
confused about what to send and got many orders wrong or late. 
Further, that this was a health risk to my daughter. And further that 
I felt that the company was obligated to provide me with a competent 
supplier of approve the use of another supplier which I would choose 
with their approval that would be reimbursed at the rates as a 
preferred provider. This approach WORKED! For several years I used an 
east coast mail order firm that was finally aquired by some big 
outfit and became flaky. I've since switched to MiniMed direct. That 
is another alternative, talk them into that (unless your a D user).

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