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Re: [IP] What not to say to diabetic children

I guess I am lucky, now.  I say now for growing up was awful.  I could get
grounded for being low, but that is in the past.  My husband very rarely ask me if
I am low and when he does I don't mind.  But boy when I am I just say hey I am
low, can you get me whatever it is I want.  It's so nice for me for it is such a
switch.  At times, he'll even be in the bathroom while I am testing and he'll wait
for the results with me.  If I am low, he goes and gets the juice or cookie of
choice, I don't even have to open my mouth.  I know he knows how hard I try at
keeping even blood sugars.  The more I think about it when around others that
don't know me well, but know I am diabetic and know I am diabetic because I have
opened my mouth on some topic fighting something or other, than I have a really
hard time.  Oh well, just my .02


> Sad but true, I have spent my life lying to everyone I love when they ask me
> if I am OK. Usually I am not, I am just a typical "stuborn diabetic" who is
> way too low. It does not change as you get older, you never want to admit
> that you might not have control of the problem.
> Jill

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