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[IP] getting supplies- venting

We got some supplies sent today, and of course it was wrong- again.  Every time we have ordered supplies we have had a problem.  I just don't understand it, are these people that stupid???  I talked to the lady on the phone yesterday, and asked for a 2 month supply of prep wipes, reservoirs, and infusion sets.  She explained to me that the insurance company will only let them send 1 month at a time now-new policy.  I said that we were going on vacation soon and I would run out while we are away, so she agreed to send 2 months this time only.  I also ordered IV3000 tape, but she said my insurance company won't cover that.  Well, my mom called Cigna today and they said it is a mistake and they do cover it, so she then called the supply place back and the lady said she would send me 10 right away because she can only send 1 month supply.  First of all, I use more than 10 in a month, and secondly, yesterday she said she would send 2 months.  Also they never sent the wipes.  Does anyone else have these kind of problems with their supply companies?  It is Cigna HMO, so I am sure we can not go through another company.  I can't imagine having to go through this every month now.  Not to mention getting insulin at the pharmacy every month, and testing supplies from a third place every 3 months.  As if I don't have enough to worry about??  Sorry guys, I just needed to vent.  Hopefully it will get better.