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Re: [IP] What not to say to a kid - the parent's perspective

Don't take this the wrong way, but it's really nice to hear that there's
someone else out there that went through the same phase I did!  ;)

>Yes I went through a rebellion stage...towards my
>parents as a typical teenage girl <vbg>, and towards my diabetes by not
>testing very often at all.  I never skipped injections because it just made
>me way too ill.  Looking back, there were weeks where I only tested once.
>never figured out if it was true rebellion, or if I just didn't want to
>know.  As a teenager my insulin needs doubled and I still had crazy highs.
>My A1cs showed it.  They were 12,13 sometimes. EEEEEKKKK!  I still can't
>believe it got that bad.  But the doctors never seemed to come up with a
>better plan then try "harder".  What did they know

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