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Re: [IP] low blood sugars bad for fetus?

> I recently read the humulog insert, which said that hypoglycemia may
> cause toxicity to the fetus.    I am 7 weeks pregnant and have been
> told by my doctor that low blood sugars do not affect the fetus at
> all.  I've also read this in several articles and books.  As a
> result, I have been erring toward the low side, and have been
> experiencing a lot of readings in the 30s and 40s.  Does anyone know
> more about this?  I am terrified that I have been hurting my baby.

I put the question to our Medical Advisory Board and their response 
follows. It is for informational purposes only and is not clinical 
treatment information or medical advice and is not a substitute for 
personal medical care. The answer to the question should be provided 
by the Mom's OB/GYN and endo team.

The fetus is very resistant to hypoglycemia and can tolerate very low 
blood sugars without deleterious effects. The fetus will obtain
what ever glucose is present in the maternal blood stream at the 
expense of the mom. In addition, in a full-term infant, they are not 
considered "hypoglycemic" unless their sugar is less than 40, and for 
a premature infant, they can get down to 30 before being considered 
hypoglycemic.  It would take a very prolonged period of maternal 
hypoglycemia to get a fetus's sugar less than 30-40.  A greater risk 
to the fetus would be a lack of oxygen if the mother's seizure were 

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