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Re: [IP] What not to say to diabetic children

My husband has learned not to ask me if I am low.

I will always say no, and refuse to do anything. He now offers me a glass of
Dr Pepper (my very favorite thing to drink) and he also has one. Ten minutes
later we are both testing our bgs, because he wants to see if he is "low"
and can't remember how to use the meter, he is not diabetic and he has never
been low. But it works, because I am not trying to prove to him I am not
low, I am actually enjoying something I should not be drinking if I am not

Sad but true, I have spent my life lying to everyone I love when they ask me
if I am OK. Usually I am not, I am just a typical "stuborn diabetic" who is
way too low. It does not change as you get older, you never want to admit
that you might not have control of the problem.


>So what's with that?  It seems everyone has said this same thing, including 
>my son.  If I think he is going low, and I can't ask him, what do you suggest 
>I do?  Hand him a glass of juice and say "DRINK"?  I don't want to get into 
>fights with him about it, and I don't want him to think I'm being 
>annoying...he's 12 now, so if he says no, I can still say, "could you test 
>and be sure?" without any fanfare, but I'm sure this will change as he gets 
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