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[IP] Is the stomach the only site? and Michael

There were several questions on where one could put an infusion
site.  Both D and MM have the following links with a diagram showing
the acceptable areas:



	1.click "Products and Therapies"
	2.click "Infusion Sets"
	3.click "Where to Insert an infusion set"

Also, Michael D also has hints for their other sets:

	1.click "Products and Therapies"
	2.click "Infusion Sets"

	3a.click "Rapid PR"
	4a.click "How to insert..." 
	3b.click "Classic"
	3b.click "How to insert..."

They may be Ds products but they have helpful pictures also for
those who use them.

Also, under the Commercial Sites section where you have the links
to Medical Alert, etc.  Could you add a link for 
http://www.misbrooke.com/   ?   I am 23 and purchased one for 
myself and it is much better then any other "tag" I've bought
for function and look.


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