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Re: [IP] 300+ units a day?

I have been told the same thing.  I guess I'll see eventually.  I can't see
letting the fact that I may have to change sites daily or even more often stop
me as long as the baby would be healthy.  I talked to a CDE who worked for a
Endo who worked only with High Risk Pregnancies and she said they had patients
that took over 600 units daily.  She says you just refill or change the
cartridge.  I don't see the difference in refilling the cartridge and filling a
syringe with the exception of having to stick myself several times a day. Surely
if I can give myself shots I can change my site or cartridge for the sake of my
unborn child.  I look at it this way.  At least I have a chance to have a child
no matter what hoops I have to jump threw.  I know people who don't have that

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